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Everyone's pedaling, but only one person is steering. (Credit: North Fork Wine Wagon courtesy photo)
Everyone’s pedaling, but only one person is steering. (Credit: North Fork Wine Wagon courtesy photo)

We couldn’t put “Cycle Circle” in the headline of this post, since owner Mike Roche of North Fork Wine Wagon says that’s just a tentative name. But the name makes sense, because this new way of getting around the North Fork is exactly that: a circular bicycle.

Popular in trendy workplaces like Google, so says its manufacturer, the thing is officially billed as a “conference bike.”  Roche has now added it to his growing fleet — which already includes the safari-like, pedal-powered North Fork Wine Wagon — and is now offering it up to smaller groups of Long Island Wine Country visitors.

“The smaller cycle I will be offering this year,” Roche said last week. “It accommodates up to six pedalers, and a driver that actually pedals too.”

Having first launched his Wine Wagon late last summer, he said the communal biking concept has already proven to be a hit with customers. In this case, the transportation itself becomes part of the main attraction. (Read more about the wagon here.)

“Usually people are celebrating, either a birthday party or a bachelorette party,” Roche said. “I actually just got a corporate gig yesterday.”

“What’s unique about it, is people get to face each other and interact while they’re heading down the street,” he continued. “They get to enjoy the sights of the North Fork. They either designate me as the DJ or pick from one of their one. They can listen to whatever music they want, create whatever vibe they want. You’re already seated at the best seat in the house. You get to work off the calories right after you consume them.”

Roche says rates for the wagon are $450 for three hours and $800 for five hours (divided up to 15 ways, the maximum occupancy.)

Rates for the seven-seater are $250 for three hours and $400 for five hours.

Anyone interested just needs to check the website for availability.