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Nicole Orens Herrick's lane

Nicole Orens of Herrick’s lane Farm and the SMC pre-schoolers feeding the chickens. (Credit: Barbarellen Koch)

Nicole Orens Herrick's lane

This is how you do a field trip on the North Fork.

The Southold Mother’s Club took a pre-school field trip this week to Herricks Lane Farm in Jamesport. The small three and a half acre farm farm, owned by Nicole Orens, her husband Tom Williams and daughter Maxine Orens-Williams, is used by the family for hunter jumper training and raising chickens for an egg community supported agriculture program.

During the hour-long program, the children learned how to properly brush a pony’s coat, mane and tail, fed some chickens, listened to the story “Cluck O’Clock” by Kes Gray and collected eggs.

The Southold Mother’s Club was founded in 1996 and has about 100 members in Southold and nearby towns. According to their website their mission is: “to provide a friendly, supportive atmosphere through enriching group activities, to provide a place to share parenting experiences and new ideas, to celebrate the joys of motherhood and share the challenges and to strengthen and empower families through community.”

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See more photos below.

Melanie Sands of East Quogue
Melanie Sands of East Quogue watches as daughter Lily, 3, learns from farm owner Nicole Orens had to comb a pony’s tail. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)
Alexander and Hannah Boyd of Cutchogue
Farm owner Nicole Orens with daughter Maxine Orens-Williams shows twins Alexander and Hannah Boyd of Cutchogue how to brush Pokey’s (pony) coat with a shedding tool.
Maxine Orens-Williams
Maxine Orens-Williams holds Janna, one of her favorite Buff Orpington chickens, during a reading of “Cluck O’Clock” by Kes Gray. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)

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