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Susan Wilson, 83, of Jamesport feeds a baby sheep at Jason’s Vineyard in Jamesport. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)

Susan Wilson of Jamesport, 83, is like the unofficial adopted mother of the baby doll sheep at Jason’s Vineyard in Jamesport. 

She moved to Cutchogue two years ago and since then, she gets day old rolls from a local deli and feeds them to the sheep every day, she said.

This baby black sheep was born a month ago, but its mother refuses to nurse it (that’s just nature for you.) So Wilson stops in each morning and bottle feeds him special formula.

The baby’s name is Blackberry, according to tasting room manager Betsy Waugh, who is there seven days a week and on all holidays to feed the animals.

“All of us at the vineyard care deeply about the flock,” Waugh said.

The 20-acre vineyard has 13 baby doll sheep and two alpacas named Coconut, a female, and Rolo, a male.

See some more pics below.

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