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He promised to love, honor and obey his wife — and let her know when there’s a good sale at Home Depot.

Two WEHM listeners renewed their vows at the Riverhead Home Depot store — which the couple affectionately calls “Homies” — in a Dec. 28 ceremony officiated by Anthony, the East End radio station’s morning show host.

Richard from Southampton, a frequent caller to the show, dialed up several months ago to make a request — he wanted to surprise his wife Suzanne by renewing their vows at Home Depot, and he wanted Anthony to be there.

“I want to get married in Home Depot in the tool section,” Richard told the host. “It’s not a long story. We just both happen to love Home Depot. I’m wondering if you can find time in your schedule to tie up our vows.”

He agreed.

“I thought it would be fun,” the show host told northforker on Tuesday. “We talk about a lot of things on the morning show and sometimes it’s easier to make jokes. But I don’t know, there was just something he said. I thought it would be something people got a kick out of.”

In a video released this week by the radio station, Richard and his unsuspecting wife run into Anthony in the store and explain that they are on their way to renew their vows, but that the reverend is late.

Anthony then volunteers to step in as Suzanne and Richard’s friends and family members arranged impromptu pews behind them.

Then Suzanne turns around and realizes it’s a setup.

“Then when I turned around and saw family members I was like, ‘Oh my god, what’s going on,” she said following the ceremony.

The couple recommitted their love in front a Ryobi tool display as customers pushing shopping carts of tools and plywood looked on.

“I’m just really delighted. This is a fantasy wedding for me,” Richard said after the ceremony. “I couldn’t have asked for a better place.”

Anthony credited the WEHM staff for help pulling it off.

“A lot of people on our end helped make it good,” he said. “We got a great team over here that allows me to go out and do things like this.”

See the video below