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Jim Hall, food truck driver for Ammirati’s on Love Lane. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

It’s a moment that the staff at Times Review Media Group waits for every day. Someone makes an announcement over our intercom system and like clockwork, we bundle up and trundle outside. 

“The food truck is here. The food truck is here.”

Jim Hall, the driver for the Ammirati’s of Love Lane food truck, has pulled into our parking lot. He opens the truck’s aluminum door and waits in the cold as we take our time, examining which bagel we want and deciding between an omelet or french toast.

He never gets mad and always has plenty of change, even when we buy a $1 item with a $20 bill.

Five days a week, Hall, a father of two grown children from Smithtown, drives a route which stretches from Mattituck to Orient. He brings egg sandwiches, gyros and sandwiches to hungry construction workers, car dealers and, yes, newspaper employees.

“As long as he can get out of his driveway he’s here,” said Ammirati’s co-owner, Greg Ammirati. “The only day he hasn’t gone out was that Tuesday we had 20 inches of snow.”

Gregg and his brother Steve bought the route from the former LLL deli a little over a year ago and readers, let us tell you, it has made the lives of these ink-stained wretches much easier. Instead of going hungry on deadline day we can call (or text) our orders in to Ammirati’s and Hall delivers it right to our door. He also delivers pizza from Uncle Joe’s in Mattituck, in addition to the truck’s stock of freshly made goods from the Love Lane deli.

And for that, Jim (and the Ammirati brothers as well), we salute you. Thanks for the coffee.

If your place of business is located along the food truck route orders can be made by calling 631-298-7812 or by texting 631-513-4009.