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Holly Browder and her Pekin ducks at the Browder’s Birds in Mattituck. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)

Holly and Chris Browder might be best known on the North Fork as organic chicken farmers, but the pair also have about a dozen Pekin ducks at their 16-acre farm, Browder’s Birds, in Mattituck.

The ducks lay about eight or nine eggs a day, which are sold for $10 a dozen, according to Ms. Browder. Duck eggs are typically larger than chicken eggs and are usually used for baking.

On a recent visit these winged waddlers could be seen quacking around the farm and enjoying a ride through the snow on a plastic sled.

The farm stand is located at 4050 Soundview Ave. in Mattituck. It is open from noon to five on weekends.

You can also find Browder’s Birds products at the Riverhead Farmers Market, located at 221 East Main Street in Riverhead.

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