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Credit: Barbaraellen Koch
Eggs laid by hens at 1760 Homestead Farm in Northville on Sound Avenue. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch photos)

“Our first Easter eggs today! From an Americauna and the little one is from a Lavender. The rest of the beautiful browns are from our Red Stars.”

So wrote Larry Kaiser on his Facebook page on Jan. 12.

Kaiser has 16 chickens at his 1760 Homestead Farm in Northville on Sound Avenue and they lay about a dozen eggs a day. The Red Stars, a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a Rhode Island White hen are a reliable egg-layer, laying 363 days a year, he said (he can’t claim that they lay 365 days a year because then they would be “the perfect chicken,” he said).

The other chickens are Cream Legbar and Araucana. Kaiser sells the eggs for $4 a dozen, or 18-packs for $6.

And he will deliver from Riverhead to Mattituck. Just send him a message on Facebook.

Larry and his wife Margaret purchased the 4.2-acre farm last February from Anne Tuthill. The homestead had previously belonged to just two families: the Terrys, who built it in 1760 and the Tuthills, who acquired it in 1837.

The Kaisers, along with their son Travis, have now immersed themselves in restoring the farm’s 3,200-square-foot barn and farmhouse to its former glory. This upcoming season they will grow cutting flowers and heirloom vegetables to sell at their farmstand and to North Fork restaurants.

Credit: Barbaraellen Koch
Credit: Barbaraellen Koch
Credit: Barbaraellen Koch
Credit: Barbaraellen Koch

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