Jamesport Country Kitchen is ‘What’s for Lunch?’

Salmon cakes and french fries at Jamesport Country Ktichen. 9Credit: Vera Chinese)

Salmon cakes and french fries at Jamesport Country Ktichen. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

During a day in Wine Country, there are few better places to complete the trip than the little farmhouse restaurant on Main Road in Jamesport.

In this week’s edition of ‘What’s For Lunch?’ we recommend a stop at the cozy Jamesport Country Kitchen, a North Fork stalwart. 

On a recent visit we had a cup of roasted garlic cauliflower soup ($3) and a Jamesport Country Kitchen favorite, salmon cakes ($11).

Two salmon cakes are served above a bed of greens with jalapeño tartar sauce, a piece of focaccia bread, a slice of melon and a choice of marinated vegetables or french fries. We went with french fries, but suggest the veggies (not that the thin and crispy fries aren’t tasty, the veggies here are just really good).

The portions aren’t enormous, but it is certainly enough to fill your belly. And if you want a taste of something else, the inexpensive cup of soup makes for a nice addition.

If fish isn’t your things, we also suggest the Jamesport burger, but really this menu offers something for everyone.

A cup of cauliflower soup. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

A cup of cauliflower soup. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

For a small restaurant (or a bigger one, for that matter), JCK certainly has one of the most varied wine lists on the North Fork featuring lots of local wines and many older vintages. Their wines by glass are some of the most reasonable too, with some at just $7 or $8.

Most of the menu is affordable, though certainly not as inexpensive as the $3.95 lunch options on the menu in 1992, according to this old New York Times article by Joanne Starkey.

Inside the dining rooms, the bright yellow walls make for a cheery atmosphere, which is nice when you are still looking at six-foot high mounds of ice on every street.

Jamesport Country Kitchen is located at 1601 Main Road in Jamesport. 

What’s for lunch is a weekly northforker.com column highlighting delicious mid-day meals on the North Fork. Suggestions can be sent to vchinese@timesreview.com.


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