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A glass Croteaux Vineyards Cuveé Sparkle from Croteaux. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

In what is probably the most hopeful bit of news we’ve received this week, Croteaux Vineyards has announced it will reopen Saturday with six 2014 vintage rosés ready for tasting.

The ground might still be covered in the white stuff (or the black stuff in many spots), but nothing says summer like a refreshing glass of rosé.

“These are the best rosés we have ever made and they will put the taste of summer in the chill of winter,” Croteaux, the nation’s only all-rosé winery, said in an email announcing the news.

The Southold vineyard has produced a record 4,000 cases of rosé this year, up from the previous record of 2,600 cases in 2013, according to vineyard owner Michael Croteau.

And on the South Fork, Wölffer Estate Vineyards announced it will release its 2014  rosé, made from 56 percent merlot, 18 percent chardonnay, 16 percent cabernet franc, 5 percent pinot noir, 4 percent riesling and 1 percent cabernet sauvignon, on March 6.

Those bottles will now feature a screwtop closure following the installation of the vineyard’s new bottling machine.

Croteaux has been closed since August 2014 when it ran out of its 2013 stock. The vineyard produces the pink wine, meant to be drunk while it is young, in small volumes and typically sells out before other local wine producers.

Croteau said last year the operation was selling 30 to 40 percent more wine per week in 2014. The vineyard, which sells out its stock every year, traditionally closes for the year around October.

“The quality of the fruit is really good,” he said. “Everyone is going to say the 2014 vintage was really great and these were some of the first wines released from that year.”

Croteaux will release its sparkling rosés in about two weeks, he added.

While the yummy pink wines are certainly a draw, Croteaux’s outdoor tasting garden is one of the most beautiful on the North Fork and is not to be missed.

Croteaux’s tasting barn will be open noon through 5 p.m. on Friday through Monday throughout March.

Visit them at 1450 South Harbor Road in Southold.