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Our photographer Barbaraellen Koch spotted this scene at Suffolk County Historical Society headquarters in Riverhead on Friday.

Earlier this week, the historical society and Riverhead Town announced that these banners and photos would go up going up with the hopes of increasing the nonprofit’s visibility to the public.

Images from the Riverhead museum’s Hal Fullerton Collection were recently installed in brick recesses on the east side of the museum’s building. The photos depict Fullerton’s wife, Edith Fullerton, driving Teddy Roosevelt and scenic of a farm in Medford.

The banners, measuring 12-feet 8-inches tall by 5-feet 6-inches wide, spell out ‘Suffolk History Museum’ on each side of the building.

The West Main Street building was constructed in 1930, where the nonprofit has been centered since.

Read our story about the new banners here.

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