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Scott Goldberg while filming 'Moirai' in Riverhead. (Credit: courtesy photo)
Scott Goldberg while filming ‘Moirai’ in Riverhead. (Credit: Courtesy of Kenneth Clark)

From the fisherman who braves frigid temperatures and rocky waters to bring in the day’s catch to the couple who chose this corner of the earth at the end of Long Island to spend their retirement, filmmaker Scott Goldberg thinks the people of the North Fork have a story to tell.

“We want to showcase an element of a lifestyle that not a lot of people might know about,” Goldberg said. “When you’re living in Nassau County, it’s very congested. It seems people are much more relaxed and calm on the North Fork.”

That’s why Goldberg, a Glen Cove native, is looking for North Forkers from all walks of life to participate in his upcoming documentary, which is currently untitled. He is seeking farmers, fishermen, retired people, historians and any one working in the area to share their experiences.

He expects to start filming in June.

“I truly do want to make this film based upon my love of the Noth Fork,” he said.

Goldberg, a graduate of Five Towns College in Dix Hills, said he first got the idea for a NoFo documentary while filming his fictional horror film “Moirai” at Zilnicki Farms in Riverhead.

Though his background is in horror, said he was drawn to this documentary because it’s an economical filmmaking alternative and there are less time constraints.
“I started to find my voice doing more darker films and more drama films,” he said. “And I thought what is something I can just go out and do with a camera.”

Along with interviews with subjects, Goldberg hopes to film people as they go about their lives. He also plans to use cinematic flashbacks and overlay images with poems and other writings about the area.

Goldberg estimates the self-financed project, which will be shot with a Sony PXW-FS7, will cost about $45,000. He plans to self-distribute the film as well.

Those interested in participating can email Goldberg at [email protected] or visit the film’s Facebook page.