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Matt and Laurie Spitz. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Fans of Moustache Brewing Co.’s roster of creatively named beers rejoice. The Riverhead microbrewery will soon nearly quadruple its maximum output.

Matt and Lauri Spitz, the husband and wife team behind the Hallet Ave. operation, are expecting to add two new seven-barrel fermentation tanks within the next two weeks. Moustache currently ferments all of its beers in five one-barrel tanks, a tiny operation in comparison to even other local craft breweries.

“It means we can brew more. We’ve really only been able to satisfy [demand in] our tasting room,” Mr. Spitz told northforker. “It’s still small, but it’s more than what we’ve had.”

Currently Moustache beers, which have developed a cult following among local craft beer enthusiasts, are only available at select restaurants and in their tasting room. The new tanks will allow the couple to distribute on a larger scale, Mr. Spitz said.

The lack of barrel space creates a production bottleneck for craft brewers like the Spitzes, who can brew more batches of beer than they have the space to ferment. Mr. Spitz estimated that he is currently only able to brew about two batches per week.

“With more tanks, I can brew six times a week,” Mr. Spitz said. “We’re going to be a lot busier.”

The two steel tanks will be made by a company named Tig Pro, which is based in Portland, Maine. The couple, who declined to say how much the new tanks cost, said they will likely rent a moving van to retrieve them.

That Moustache Brewing Co. is expanding its operation is just one more sign of the booming East End craft beer industry.

Greenport Harbor Brewing Co. recently installed a bottling line and Long Ireland Beer Co. announced plans to expand into Westchester County and Connecticut.

“Craft beer is a great industry to be in right now,” Ms. Spitz said. “You couldn’t make me go back to a cubicle if you paid me.”

In other news the brewery will soon release its first bottled beer dubbed Snügg, a brew inspired by mulled wine.

“Matt’s mom makes mulled wine every summer. It’s been a longstanding tradition,” Ms. Spitz said. “We wanted to make a beer modeled on that.”

The beer, which is made with spices like cinnamon, cardamon and cloves, will be available in 22 oz. bottles.

“We are literally going to fill every bottle by hand,” Ms. Spitz said.

Moustache Brewing Co. will host a release party on Feb. 7. at noon. There will be a very limited release of Snügg so if you want some, be sure to attend the party.