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Salad and a “Brain Shot” from The Giving Room in Southold. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

In the mood for a mid-day meal that will lift you up instead of weigh you down? Head to The Giving Room in Southold, one of the few North Fork places to offer a menu with so many vegan and organic options.

In this week’s edition of “What For Lunch?” we recommend the kale salad with a side of “Brain Shot” juice.

For the salad, kale, goat cheese, walnuts, beets and tomatoes are tossed in a vinaigrette ($10.) The frothy orange-colored juice contains orange, carrot, lemon, turmeric and ginger ($8.)


Okay, so you will notice in the above photo I substituted spinach (I just can’t do raw kale) for the base of my salad. And The Giving Room was out of goat cheese so I went with feta (bummer.) Still, the salad was tasty, filling and healthy.

As for the juice, a mason jar of this carrot-hued brew will lift any fog lingering over your mind. The ginger is anti-inflammatory and turmeric has been found to improve depression symptoms.

Veggie juice is a great way to get your nutrients and also hydrate (try it after a hangover). If you haven’t hopped aboard the juicing bandwagon, get with it already.


With its health food market and adjacent yoga studio, The Giving Room is a one-stop shop to make your body feel good.

The Giving Room is located at 56125 Main Road in Southold.

What’s for a lunch is a weekly column highlighting delicious mid-day meals on the North Fork. Suggestions can be sent to [email protected].

A mason jar of "Brain Shot." (Credit: Vera Chinese)
A mason jar of “Brain Shot.” (Credit: Vera Chinese)


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