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Credit: Vera Chinese Photos
This marmoset is intrigued by a reporter’s camera. (Credit: Vera Chinese Photos)

A trio of curious, tiny monkeys are now scurrying about the newest exhibit at the Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead.

Zephyr, an 8-year-old Geoffroy’s Marmoset and her twins Queso (male) and Ricotta (female) joined the aquarium on Saturday, Dec. 20.

We were lucky enough to actually go inside the new exhibit to photograph the marmosets. They are gentle and shy at first, but were fascinated by the flash of our camera.

We recommend checking out these adorable animals on your next visit to the aquarium. The marmosets can be found on the second floor, near the top of the shark tank.

Also known as White Headed Marmosets or Tufted-ear Marmosets, they are a small type of New World Monkey found in the Amazon Rainforests in Brazil, according to an aquarium press release. The monkeys weigh about one pounds each (in captivity) and live in groups of four to ten, usually with a dominate mating pair.

“These diurnal primates spend their days up in the treetops, sometimes as high off the ground as 1,600 feet and sleep at night in tree holes or other nooks,” the aquarium’s press release states.  “As omnivores, they eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, insects and small animals like frogs and lizards, in addition to tree sap and gum – their most important food source. Their unique chirping vocalizations range in sound and meaning and are important for their ability to communicate with each other.”

Aquraium staff promise the intelligent primates will be mentally stimulated in their new environment.

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