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8 Hands Farm’s wool dryer balls can reduce the time and money you spend on laundry. (Credit: Cyndi Murray)

In life we all have to do things we don’t want to do, one of those things being laundry. But while it can’t be avoided, it can be improved.

Local businesses are making it easier for you to do more eco-friendly laundry — and did we mention that it’s cheaper than doing it the traditional way?

Here are two green laundry products that can be found on the North Fork.

Wool Dryer Balls at 8 Hands Farm 

If you are buying disposable dryer sheets you’re wasting your money, said 8 Hands Farm owner Carol Festa.

Made from 100 percent wool from the farm’s sheep, these wool dryer balls can last for years. That cuts down on the amount you spend to replace dyer sheets without losing any of their benefits, Festa said.

The chemical-free felted wool dryer balls naturally soften clothing while eliminating wrinkles and static cling like a traditional dyer sheet. The wool balls can even reduce drying time by as much as 25 percent, Festa said.

“Everyone has to do laundry but by doing it with wool dryer balls people can feel good about it,” she said. “It isn’t like dryer sheets that you toss out and it ends up in a landfill. Plus, there are a lot of chemicals in dryer sheets that you don’t necessarily want on your clothes or your skin.”

The wool dryer balls are available at 8 Hands Farm located at 4735 Cox Lane, Cutchogue.

See the next page for an alternative to big name laundry detergent brands.

Common Good laundry detergent is available by the ounce at Fork & Anchor. (Credit: Cyndi Murray)
Common Good laundry detergent is available by the ounce at Fork & Anchor. (Credit: Cyndi Murray)

Common Good laundry detergent at Fork & Anchor

Fork & Anchor co-owner Lucy Muellner said she loved Common Good laundry detergent for years before she began selling it to her customers.

Made with plant-based ingredients, the ultra concentrate formula is 100 percent biodegradable.  You can simply refill your bottle at Fork & Anchor instead of throwing it out, which cuts down on waste, Muellner said.

“We try to reduce and reuse everything as much as possible so having Common Good works with our theme of the store,” she said. “People can come in and bring their own containers.”

Fork & Anchor sells the detergent at 34 cents per ounce and a 64 oz. container is good for 96 loads of laundry.

The detergent is scented with pure essential oils and is void of harsh chemicals found in big name brands that can damage your clothes and irritate sensitive skin.

Pick some up at at Fork & Anchor located at 8955 Main Road, East Marion.