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North Fork Shack could open at this former machine shop on County Road 48 in Southold. (Credit: Paul Squire)

If you’re looking for a take-out fix on your way to the wineries along Route 48, a proposed new restaurant may give you just what you’re looking for. 

A pair of local caterers are planning to turn an old machine shop near Sparkling Pointe winery into the North Fork Shack, a small 16-seat restaurant.

“We’ve been catering for a while, and we wanted to make it a fun place for locals and people visiting,” said Samy Sabil, the owner of the proposed restaurant. “It’s just a great location.”

Mr. Sabil and his business partner, Ryan Flatley, began plans for the North Fork Shack last summer and are seeking the necessary permits from Southold Town and the state to renovate the space and run the restaurant. 

The eatery will focus on its take-out menu, with fresh seafood and an “eclectic” mix of local foods and produce, Mr. Sabil said. Both Mr. Sabil and Mr. Flatley have experience in restaurants, having worked at the North Fork Table years ago. They now run Creative Courses Catering, though Mr. Sabil said the restaurant would be a separate business.

“The catering is doing well on its own,” he said. “We don’t want to mix it with this.”

The proposed restaurant is currently before the Southold Town Planning Board.