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Dark Horse dinning room. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)
The dining room at Dark Horse Restaurant. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)

A free gift certificate with dinner? Sign us up.

Stop in for dinner at the Dark Horse Restaurant this month and you’ll receive a free give certificate. But there is a catch.

You’ll have to wait until after New Year’s Day to redeem it and you won’t know the amount until you dine there again in January.

December dinner guests will receive one envelope per table that includes a gift certificate valid for the month of January. The amount ranges from $5 to $50. Impatient folks may not like this part, but you can’t open it to find out how much it is until you come back for a meal in January.

“When they come back in January they’ll order and at the end of the meal the server will open it up with them and we’ll see how much it is,” said manager Ross Cummings.

Cummings, who wrote up the mystery certificates, said the are quite a few $50 and $40 rewards up for grabs, making your chances pretty good.

“When we did this last year the first gift certificate we opened up was for $40,” he said. “It is just a fun thing that really keeps people coming back and puts a smile on their face.”

Something else to look forward to on the menu in January are new dishes prepared with restaurant owner’s Dee Muma longhorn cattle, which are raised at North Quarter Farm on the corner of Roanoke and Reeves Avenue in Riverhead.


Dark Horse Restaurant  is located at 1 East Main Street in Riverhead.