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The grilled chicken and Buffalo Soldier sandwiches at Amarati’s in Mattituck. (Credit: Paul Squire and Cyndi Murray)

The “Deathwish.” The “Macho Man.” The “Buffalo Soldier.”

If nothing else, the sandwich names at Ammirati’s on Love Lane in Mattituck will conjure up images of 80s-era professional wrestlers.

In this week’s edition of “What’s For Lunch,” Northforker tests out two of the most popular choices at the cafe, the aforementioned Buffalo Soldier and the classic grilled chicken sandwich, both costing $7.99.

The Buffalo Soldier is stacked pile of buffalo chicken and melted cheddar cheese topped with bacon, fried onions, wing sauce and ranch dressing.

The grilled chicken, another favorite, is much more reserved than the crazed mix of flavors on the Buffalo Soldier. The sandwich features thick, fresh mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and delicious pesto mayo.

(Tip: You can have fried chicken substituted for the grilled chicken if you are a little less calorie conscious and want something a little more crunchy and.)

Ammirati’s is located at 135 Love Lane in Mattituck.

What’s for a lunch is a weekly column highlighting delicious mid-day meals on the North Fork. Suggestions can be sent to [email protected].




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