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Blossom Meadow lip balm. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Throw out that cruddy old tube of Blistex at the bottom of your bag. The best tool to fight chapped lip is crafted right here on the North Fork.

Lip balm made by artisinal beeswax products company Blossom Meadow is a northforker “thing we love” and is all you need in your battle against cheilitis this season.

One swipe along your smacker and you’ll never buy a drug store lip emollient again. We promise.

Laura Klahre, a beekeper and Blossom Meadow CEO, mixes the batches together in the kitchen of her Southold home. She estimates she makes about 1,000 tubes a year, many sold at the tasting room of Coffee Pot Cellars in Cutchogue, where her husband Adam Suprenant is owner and winemaker.

“I tried 20 different formulations before I got it right. I kept sending it to my mom and she was like, ‘but Laura, your last one was good,’” Klahre said. “When I came out with this one, she said, ‘this is it. You’ve hit it on the head.’ ”

With only bees wax, shea butter, aloe vera butter, avocado oil and hints of peppermint and mint, the balm doesn’t contain the difficult to pronounce ingredients found in many mass-produced lip salves.

“The problem with those types ingredients is that it can cause dryness and you feel like you have to keep on putting it on,” Klahre said.

Klahre attributes the avocado oil to helping her product stand out.

“Avocado oil is a more luxurious ingredient. To me, that’s what makes it,” Klahre said. “I mean, who doesn’t love avocados.”

Get Blossom Meadow Lip Balm at Coffee Pot Cellars, Fork and Anchor in East Marion or at