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So goes the short life of a hop after it’s been picked on the North Fork. At least those that are thrown into wet hop beers, for which there will be a release party tomorrow night.

Long Ireland Beer Company is hosting its Wet Hop IPA release party tomorrow night, with wet hop beers from Greenport Harbor Brewing Co. and Port Jefferson Brewing Co. also on tap.

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Wet hop beers are crafted from hops within 24 hours from being picked from the bine, which they flower from. Being put into the brewing kettle so shortly after they are picked allows more resin from hops to be utilized in the beers — resulting in a hoppier flavor.

Greg Martin, co-owner of Long Ireland, said that this year, his brewery’s IPA utilized Cascade hops from Condzella Farm in Wading River, Chinook hops from Wesnofske Farms in Cutchogue, and Centennial hops from North Fork Hops in Southold. In total, about 100 pounds of hops were used.

Friday night’s release party kicks off at Long Ireland at 3 p.m., running until 9 p.m.