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Pumpkin ice cream from Magic Fountain in Mattituck. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Your friends are posting photos of pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin beers on Instagram, but you don’t feel quite ready for those hotter and heartier drinks yet.

Order a more weather appropriate treat and enjoy the best of summer and autumn with pumpkin ice cream from Magic Fountain in Mattituck.

“People tell me we make one of the best pumpkin ice creams,” said Magic Fountain owner Ali Choudry. “We do sell a lot of it.”

Choudry said people began requesting pumpkin ice cream in July, though he never puts it out until Labor Day weekend.

The cream colored blend is made with pumpkin, spices and molasses, he said.

“It tastes like pumpkin pie,” he said.

Cups and cones are $3.25 for a small, $4.75 for medium and $6 for large.