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Ron Goerler on Bloomberg TV’s “Taking Stock.

Jamesport Vineyards co-owner and winemaker Ron Goerler appeared on BloombergTV’s “Taking Stock” on Wednesday to promote Long Island Wine Country and the upcoming Dan’s Harvest East End.

“We’re surrounded by water so you have ideal breezes that come out of the northwest,” Goerler, the former president of the Long Island Wine Council, told host Pimm Fox of the region’s climate. “Grapevines love it because it’s naturally draining soils.”
Goerler added that his family’s vineyard produces about 10 different grape varietals, though he would one day prefer to focus on sauvignon blanc and cabernet franc.
“We have a lot of palettes out there that want much diversity so we have to make and grow different things and then figure out what really works there for us,” he said.

See the full interview here.