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Tomato tasters Kyle, 5, and KC, 7, Angelone of Smithtown sample some heirloom varieties. (Credit: Vera Chinese Photos)

What’s your favorite red August fruit? Do you prefer a large, sweet, dripping slice of watermelon on a hot day or a cool, flavorful heirloom tomato salad?

Both fruits were celebrated at separate festivals on the North Fork this weekend. Garden of Eve Organic Farm and Market in Riverhead hosted tomato tastings, a salsa making bar, tomato workshops while several miles east melon lovers at Harbes Family Farm feted the watermelon.

See photos from the festivities below.

Make-your-own salsa bar.
Make-your-own salsa bar.


Sharone Garza and her son Oscar, 2, check out tomatoes at Garden of Eve Organic Farm & Market.

Residents of Garden of Eve Farm enjoying some tomatoes.


Kayla Hanson, 22 months, of Lindenhurst gobbles up some watermelon.
Madeline Corsitto, 2, of Miller Place came dressed for the occasion.


Brooks Lupfer, 3, of Middle Island chows down.
Brooks Lupfer, 3, of Middle Island chows down.