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Or, cheers!

Pulaski Street’s Long Ireland Beer Co. has brewed up its first Polish-style beer in celebration of the 40th annual Polish Town Fair: the Polish Town Pilsner.

Modeled after pale lagers often found in eastern Europe, the beer is Long Ireland’s first foray into lager-style beers, having stuck solely with ales up to this point (difference being the temperature at which they ferment). But the popularity of pilsners in Poland ultimately made co-owners Dan Burke and Greg Martin give it a try.

“We wanted to do something to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Polish Fair and we did a little research and found that in Poland, pilsners sell the most,” said Burke, himself half Polish. In fact, his parents held their wedding reception at the Polish Hall — right across the street from Long Ireland’s brewery.

About 300 bottles will be available for sale this weekend at $5 per pint, or $8 for a 22-ounce bottle. The beer consists of pilsner malt and Czech, Saaz and Tettnang hops.

Burke said if it’s popular enough, the Polish Town Pilsner could be the next addition to the brewery’s current year-round offerings.

But for now, they’re available for a limited time.

“We just wanted people to come out to the fair, and maybe we can bring some new interest that either wasn’t there before, or maybe from someone who hasn’t been in a long time,” he said.

The Polish Town Fair takes place this Saturday and Sunday.