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Reality TV star Kim Kardashian at Mattituck Plaza Sunday night.(Credit: Megan Blanchard, courtesy)

They took Miami. They took New York. Then they took the Hamptons. But one place the Kardashians and their reality television show crew won’t be invading is Plum Island — at least not this summer.

The producers of the hit E! series “Keeping up with the Kardashians” were denied permission to film an episode of its spin-off “Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons” at the high-security animal disease research laboratory on Plum Island this summer, according to Department of Homeland Security spokesperson John Verrico.

But that doesn’t necessarily prevent the famous sisters from taking Plum Island in the future, he said.

“They asked to shoot on Plum Island because they wanted the girls to do stuff that is more cultural and educational rather than partying. But they didn’t give us anywhere near enough time to accommodate that size of a crew,” Verrico said. “They called in July and wanted to come in a week or two and there was no way we could do it in time. The security check alone would take 10 days.”

Hoping to dispel some of the myths associated with the island which is located off of Orient Point, Verrico said the federal government is generally welcoming to everyday citizens and film crews — leaving the door open for a potential Kardashians episode featuring Plum Island in the future.

“We wanted people to see the island,” Verrico said.

Until then, the Kardashians will have to stick with taking the Hamptons and parts of the North Fork this summer. In June, Kim Kardashian spotted catching a movie at Mattituck Cinemas.