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leaf pile ale greenport harbor

(Credit: Cyndi Murray, file)

greenport harbor brew leaf pile ale

Looking to get your start in the wonderful world of locally crafted beer?

If you’re not afraid of hard work or getting your hands dirty, Greenport Harbor Brewing Company has a golden opportunity for you to get your foot in the door.

Applications are now being accepted for the brewery’s 2014 Apprentice/Intern Program beginning in the fall.

The opportunity allows the intern/apprentice to experience all aspects of the beer production process and will learn the ropes from the bottom up.  However, if you think this is a taste tester position, think again. Slackers need not apply.

“This is not a slot with banker’s hours, or a cushy ‘sit on your ass’ position. It doesn’t pay big bucks and requires real physical effort strength. If you’re still interested, keep reading,” owners Rich Vandenburgh and John Liegey posted on Facebook.

The 90 day program requires a 2 to 3 day commitment per week performing menial tasks such as cleaning, scrubbing and exposing yourself to potentially dangerous processes and compounds.

The intern/apprentice will learn from the head brewer and owners about the operations of a craft brewery, the technical aspects of the brewing processes and the integral part that each person plays in building a genuine brand.

Successful completion of program not only positions that candidate for consideration as a full-time employee with the brewery, but also provides practical experience and skills in the industry for possible work or employment elsewhere.

“We’re not looking for indentured servants, but we are looking for an intern/apprentice that understands what it takes to build a business and a brand. We are happy to share the experience with a select few who understand that through hard work, effective execution and proper planning, you can succeed, with no bitchin, no whining, and no excuses. No kidding,” the Facebook post goes on to state.

If you’re interested send an email to [email protected] with your resume and 200 words or less on why you’re the one for the slot.