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“ New Suffolk Moorings” 30 X 40 Oil on Canvas (Credit: Courtesy)

Scenic vistas meet oil and canvas in North Fork artist Max Moran’s newest exhibition series, which explores man’s relationship with the weather.

The series, titled “Fair Winds and Tides,” will be unveiled at the Jedediah Hawkins Barn Gallery on Aug. 16. The sixth annual exhibition at the Jamesport restaurant’s gallery will remain on display through Sept. 14.

Moran, who has lived on the North Fork since 1996 and currently resides in Batting Hollow, paints East End land and seascapes.

“Being so close to the waters of the Long Island Sound and the Peconic Bay, there is always this theme of being tied to the weather and the water. [The work] explores our relationship with the two,” Moran said. “I do my best to try to picture it and document it. It humanizes us. It is something we each have to encounter and explore.”

Standing out in the open air, Moran paints each piece on location to have “a pure interpretation” of the scene.

About 30 large works will be on display, as well as about 15 smaller vignettes he created of “pedestrians in the rain,” he said.

An opening reception for the annual event will take place Saturday, Aug. 16 from 5 p.m. to 8 pm.

The Jedediah Hawkins Inn is located at 400 South Jamesport Avenue Jamesport, NY (631) 722-2900.