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Photo illustration courtesy of Roanoke Vineyards.

Roanoke Vineyards wants to help you relive school-day field trip memories with an excursion that’s a bit more adult-friendly.

Vineyard owner Soraya Piscano says that this is the first year the Riverhead winery is hosting a “field trip” for wine club members and non-members. While many wine tours cart busloads of people from New York City and western Long Island to the East End, this trip will ferry wine lovers west.

For the maiden voyage Roanoke will bring wine enthusiasts to two Brooklyn wineries for tastings and information sessions.

The first stop on the tour will be The Red Hook Winery. After a break for lunch, the bus will head to Brooklyn Oenology for an “extended tasting and research session.”

“Not too many people know that there are wineries in Brooklyn,” Piscano said. “The two guys [at The Red Hook Winery] will explain to us how it’s made so we can learn a little bit about the wine there.”

The bus will depart Roanoke Vineyards at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, July 19 and will return at 6 p.m. A few seats on the bus remain; to book your spot call 631-727-4161. Tickets are $77 each.