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Main Street Drivers

Love sampling the fine beverages at our local wineries and craft breweries, but sometimes get carried away without planning ahead? If so, please take down this number: 1-888-327-4460.

Those are the digits for Main Street Drivers, a chauffeur service that will dispatch a driver to come to wherever you are and drive your vehicle home while you and your tipsy friends sing Katy Perry songs in the backseat.“If you didn’t plan ahead and you find yourself at an event where you’ve had too much to drink, we offer our DWI prevention service,” said Main Street Drivers owner James Hirtenstein. “We send out two drivers. One to drive your car and another in what is basically a chase vehicle to follow you home (and to pickup the first driver).”

The Stamford-based service is available across Long Island, northern New Jersey, all five boroughs, Westchester County and Fairfield County, Conn., he said.

The initial pick-up charge is $50.00 and each additional mile is $3. The minimum trip charge is $100 and there is a $30 surcharge for trips after 2 a.m. A 20% gratuity/surcharge added to all fares.

The company also offers a chauffeur service for pre-planned trips. All drivers are vetted and have professional driving experience, Hirtenstein said. The firm also offers wine tours and airport service.

Main Street Drivers stirred up some controversy last month following a partnership with Hamptons lawyer Eddie Burke Jr. The ad campaign featured signs that read “hire Main Street Drivers today, not Eddie Burke Jr. tomorrow” and irked some local police officers, according to a writeup in the New York Post.

But Hirtenstein said he just wants people to know his service is out there and encourage them to make the responsible call.

“We want to get this message out to as many people as possible,” Hirtenstein said.

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