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(Credit: Paul Squire)

The newest extreme water sport has made its way to the Peconic River.

Flyboards, a water propelled jetpack powered by a Jetski, are now available to rent in downtown Riverhead.

Flyboards allow those brave enough to try it to actually levitate over the water, said James Bissett IV who runs Flyboard LI out of Treasure Cove Resort Marina on East Main St.

“Everyone who has done it has loved it,” Bissett said. “You’re litterally hovering above the water.”

Rates are $99 for 15 minutes, $199 for 30 minutes and $380 for an hour (up to two people.) Group rates are available as well.

Flyers can reach up to 35 feet above water with the contraption that originated in France in 2011, Bissett said.

The key to staying up is keeping one’s balance, said Leslie Delarosa of Queens, who attempted to Flyboard with her friend Maria Loja on Saturday afternoon.

“I thought ‘Oh God, I’m gonna fall,'” Delarosa said. “You have to keep your balance. If you don’t, you tilt to one side and then you’re going down.”

For more information and reservations visit or call 631-901-2661.