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Photo by Barbaraellen Koch | (from left to right) Kareem, Nabeel, Ursula, Charles and Salim Massoud hold bottles of Paumanok wine in their vineyard.

Can’t get enough of Paumanok Vineyards’ chenin blanc?

There will be more of it coming — though you’ll have some waiting to do. 

Paumanok was named the highest bidder on 25 acres currently owned by the Riverhead School District on Tuesday night, allowing the vineyard to eventually increase productivity on site. Which will mean more for chenin blanc fans.

Charles Massoud said the winery started at first growing two acres the grape, and is currently up to 13 acres of production.

“And we still don’t have enough of it.”

He’s hoping to start production on the new land on Tuthills Lane next year, though time will tell. He’d hope to plant five acres of the grape — the only such vineyard on Long Island growing it.

“Given the proximity to our existing property, it make this land extremely appealing to us to bid on it,” said Mr. Massoud.

With 25 new acres to plant on, he said, there comes with it a decision based on two main factors.

“Diversity — because we like many different wines, and so do our customers,” he said. “On the other hand, we need to remain very focused and plant more of what is in high demand.”

Paumanok currently grows about 80 acres, and the family-owned vineyard has been around since 1893.

With Jennifer Gustavson