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Credit: Vera Chinese
The Battle of Mutiny Bay recently opened to the public at Splish Splash water park. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

When asked what was the best part of riding The Battle of Mutiny Bay, Splish Splash water park’s newest attraction, little Jack Nelin, 6, of Mt. Sinai didn’t hesitate to answer.

“Squirting people,” he shouted after stepping off the ride.

Jack and his brothers Griffin, 4, and Colin, 3, of Mount Sinai had a blast riding Mutiny Bay with their grandmother and soaking their mother who was off on the sidelines on Monday, the quartet said.

The new ride, an interactive experience which allows guests to assault one another with water cannons, opened to the public last Monday, June 16.

“It’s all pirate-themed,” said Mike Bengtson, general manager of the Riverhead water park. “Riders battle each other from the inside and the outside. It’s like you’re in the middle of a battle.”

Riders board a pirate boat and move along the attraction’s 335-foot long submerged track as the vessel periodically enters the line of fire, or rather water, from fixed spray cannons surrounding its perimeter. Guests inside the boat can fire back at patrons manning the outside cannons.

The boats are powered by a 50 horsepower engine as they move around the 195,000 gallon lagoon during the experience which lasts about five minutes, Bengtson said. It cost a little more than $1,000,000 to build, he said.

Splish Splash, which last year became the first theme park in New York to boast a water roller coaster, is the only water park where you will find an attraction like Mutiny Bay.

“This is the first time a water park has put one in. It’s usually a theme park ride,” Bengtson said.


There is no height restriction to ride, but those under 48″ tall must be accompanied by an adult.

The ride’s completion is the final piece of a park expansion plan which included Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror, Bootlegger’s Run and Kahuna Bay Wave Pool.

The theme park also installed 30 new cabanas and 300 lounge chairs this year.

General admission price is $41 for over 48 inches tall and $31 for less than 48 inches tall and seniors. Private rental cabana prices range from $89 for a standard cabana to $200 for a VIP cabana. For a full operating schedule and hours, visit

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