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The Suffolk Theater has released its summer 2014 calendar and it includes an exclusive engagement with the lyricist behind some of the Grateful Dead’s most beloved songs. Robert Hunter, the Dead’s non-performing band member who penned such classics as “Ripple” (see video above) and “Touch of Grey,” will make a rare appearance on the venue’s stage July 27. 

Hunter, seldom seen in concert in the band’s heyday, had not performed on stage for a decade prior to his current tour.

“I’ve got medical bills to pay, so I’m a working man again,” the songwriter told Rolling Stone magazine in a September 2013 interview. “It’s given me a direction in life that I lost in my last decade. I’ve realized that I do have an audience and I should be playing for them.”

Other highlights in this season’s lineup include The Long Island Comedy Showcase on May 23, Gene Casey and the Lone Sharks’ Rockabilly Dance Party on May 29 and July 31 and the Brooklyn girlie revue revival “Coney Island Burlesque” on June 18 and July 20.

For the complete schedule and tickets, visit or call 631-727-4343.

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