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North Fork Google Satellite

I still remember that strange feeling I had the first time I ever saw my childhood home on Google Earth. How did they do that? A UFO?

Then Google rolled out the street view featured on it’s maps. To this day, it’s the single biggest motivating factor for me mowing my lawn and not getting the newspaper in Tony Soprano morningwear.

Now Google has something even cooler for us to waste time with, a timeline that allows you to scroll through Google Earth and Street View images as they were captured over the years. 

The Earth feature allows you to scroll to as far back as 1994. In Street View, you can fire up the DeLorean to 2008.

Check the street view option out for yourself by clicking here and entering your address of choice.

Experimenting with the feature this week, I assembled a collection of Google Street View photos from seven recognizable North Fork properties that have undergone physical transformations in recent years.

Here they are.