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Bookhampton in Mattituck. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Bookhampton, which operates one of the North Fork’s last remaining book stores in Mattituck, is making an open plea to readers: buy a book and save their store.

Fearing they will go the way of Borders, owner Charline Spector urged patrons in a mass email to buy a hard copy of a novel, memoir or anthology.

“If every one of our friends, neighbors, and book lovers would be so kind as to buy one book today, it would make a true and immediate difference,” Ms. Spector said.

She blames the frigid winter and chilly spring for lagging sales at the three East End locations.

“We’re fighting to have one more Summer, and not to be bowed by the writing on the wall that forced our colleagues to close their doors,” she said.

You can buy a book at or by visiting their Mattituck, East Hampton or Southampton stores.