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Last year's waiter race in Greenport. (Katherine Schroder file photo)
Last year’s waiter race in Greenport. (Katherine Schroeder file photo)

Fast and efficient service will take on a whole new meaning during the third annual waiter race in Greenport next month.

The tradition, which began more than a century ago in Paris, is becoming a popular recurring event in the village — drawing hundreds of bystanders to cheer on the wait staff of their favorite restaurants.

A sight to see, pitting food and drink servers from North Fork restaurants, wineries race through the streets of downtown Greenport balancing a filled glass on trays as the crowd cheers them on.

The race route begins at Eastern Long Island Hospital’s Opportunity Shop on Main Street and loops around Claudio’s before ending at the Market on Front Street.

The third annual waiter race is Saturday, May 17.

The entry fee is $50 and you can register at The Market on Front Street. All proceeds benefit Eastern Long Island Hospital.

Call 477-8803 for more information.