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Hoping to educate children about the North Fork, Greenport artist Danielle Malmet Rodger has recently published her first picture book, “Adventures through the North Fork: Autumn” — with a plan for a four part series in the works. 

The picture book uses Ms. Rodger’s own colorful, fall–inspired watercolor paintings as a visual pairing to a poem written for children and adults.

“I took these paintings that I did and turned it into a book in hopes of teaching children about the North Fork and its beauty and also about color and art,” she said. “It is geared toward children, but it is really a collection of artwork and a story for anyone who appreciates the North Fork to enjoy.”

A Westchester native, Ms. Rodger moved to the North Fork 10 years ago after studying art at the University of Rochester. Long drives with her children through the hamlets of the North Fork left her in awe of the vast open spaces and the fields, farms and vineyards have inspired much of her artwork over the past decade, Ms. Rodger said.

Although Ms. Rodger previously illustrated children’s books, “Adventures through the North Fork: Autumn” is her first written publication. An avid photographer and painter, Ms. Rodger said her children and her longtime neighbors Blake and Chris Dowling, owners of One Love Beach in Greenport, gave her the push she needed to become an author.

“When they opened up One Love and wanted to show my paintings in the store, it gave me that confidence and support that helped propel me forward into being able to share and explore more of my creative projects,” she said.

Ms. Rodger recently completed  the summer version of her book, which will be released later this spring and she plans on penning and illustrating spring and winter versions of the book in the near future.

The watercolor illustrations from “Adventures through the North Fork: Autumn” are available as note cards or bigger prints.

The books and the cards can be purchase on, at One Love Beach located at 211 Main Street in Greenport or on Ms. Rodger’s website.