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Greenport entered the Game of Hamlets as a heavy favorite. It exited as a champion. 

The village was declared the winner Tuesday evening when the polls closed on the final round of the moth-long, 16-hamlet contest to determine which North Fork community is the most beloved.

Greenport defeated underdog Orient with 57 percent of the vote. Previous wins for Greenport came against East Marion, New Suffolk and Mattituck.

Orient gained momentum in the Final Four when it defeated Riverhead, but couldn’t overmatch its neighbor in the finals.

This weekend, we will host an open photo shoot inviting anyone who lives or works in Greenport for a large group photo to appear on the cover of the April 17 edition of the Suffolk Times. The photo shoot will likely take place in Mitchell Park, though details are still being worked out. We’re looking for as many people to show up as possible for the photo.

Full details will be announced Wednesday.

The April 17 issue will be dubbed the Greenport issue, with sections of the paper featuring coverage about the winning hamlet.