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TRP healthy cocktails are the result of lots of juice sampling.

Drink alcohol for a healthier you?

By using organic juices as mixer The Riverhead Project is introducing a new line of healthy cocktails to prove it can be done.

This week, the Riverhead restaurant is rolling out three new beverages that can help boost your longevity and provide an energy boost. To develop the healthy cocktails, The Riverhead Project is collaborating with organic food company Love Grace, which specializes in gourmet juices, smoothies and elixirs.

On Tuesday, Love Grace’s founders and restaurant owner Dennis McDermott spent several hours sampling and pairing the juices with premium liquors to concoct a healthy trio.

The Riverhead Project owner Dennis McDermott serving samples on the bar's new healthy cocktails.
The Riverhead Project owner Dennis McDermott serving samples on the bar’s new healthy cocktails.

“These juices give you a mix of antioxidants that are good to drink in general and when you add it to a cocktail it’s just great,” said Love Grace’s co-founder, Jake Mabanta.

An added bonus is Love Grace’s coldpress method of juicing, which helps retain the natural vitamins and nutrients in the ingredients — reducing this risk of getting a hangover, he said.

The three new cocktails —Longevity Tonic, Ginger Bomb and Death Cider — are now available at the restaurant, located at 300 E. Main Street in Riverhead (map it)

Or, try making one at home.

Mr. McDermott shared the recipe for Longevity Tonic.

Mix this up:

2 parts El Jimado Tequila

1 part Tripple Sec

A splash of  Agave Syrup

4 parts Love-Grace Longevity Tonic – made with lemon, shilajit, cayenne, agave and Himalayan sea salt