Our Weekend Pick: Last weekend for Winterfest

Guests at earlier Winterfest event at Macari Vineyards. (Katharine Schroeder photo)
Guests at a Winterfest event earlier this year at Macari Vineyards. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder, file)

After a successful season, Winterfest is officially coming to an end this weekend just in time for the official start of spring Thursday. 

The popular winter concert series took on a new twist this year — changing its name from “Jazz on the Vine” to “Live on the Vine” in order to incorporate a wider array of music genres.

Originally intended to be a six-week program, this year Winterfest was extended to include the weekend of March 21-23 to give festival goers one more opportunity to get out to the vineyards.

Here is a look at the final Live on Vine events scheduled this weekend:

5-8 A Lure
(no cover charge)
Divello and Anderson
7 Hotel Indigo Ballroom Bakithi Kumalo
7  Martha Clara Vineyards  The Groovy GumboCollective
12  Raphael Jared Gold
2:30   Clovis Point Lucky Tones
3-5 Pellegrini Vineyards Jack Morelli Trio
6-9 A Lure
(no cover charge)
The Day’s Beneath Us
7 Hotel Indigo Ballroom Miles to Dayton
1:30   Bedell Cellars Buddy Merriam’s Back
Roads Trio
3-5 Pellegrini Vineyards Danny Kean & Friends
4-7 A Lure
(no cover charge)
George Tebbit