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If there’s one hamlet to love, it’s Mattituck.  

Whether it’s the food of Love Lane Kitchen, the beaches to the north that line the Long Island Sound, or the pride of a championship soccer program at the high school, Mattituck has something to offer anyone. It’s also the only North Fork hamlet with a year-round movie theater.


The most populated hamlet, Mattituck is in many ways the heartbeat of the North Fork. It’s centrally located, stretches from Peconic Bay in the south to Long Island Sound in the north and has a long history that dates back to the 1600s, when the first mention of ‘Mattatuck’ appeared on a land deed, according to the Mattituck Historical Society.

Grab some sweet corn at Harbes Family Farm, sip some vino at Macari Vineyards or catch a terrific play from local talent at North Fork Community Theatre.
Wendy’s Deli on Sound Avenue is a spot where locals mingle every day, from the blue collar early risers at dawn, to the high school kids at mid-day, there’s always a conversation to be had and a great sandwich to be eaten at Wendy’s.

Love Lane has been a main attraction for visitors to the North Fork. Famed authors like Nelson DeMille can be spotted signing autographs at BookHampton. Love Lane is the hub during Taste North Fork when it sets up in Mattituck.

And there’s history behind the name, Love Lane.

As the story goes, on the path from the railroad tracks to Mattituck Creek, young lovers in the 1800s would take their horses and carriages for evening stroll. In the 1920s, the stretch officially became Love Lane.

That’s Mattituck.

Video by Cyndi Murray

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