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Pick up Entenmann's scented candles at Martha Clara. (Cyndi Murray photo)
Pick up Entenmann’s scented candles at Martha Clara. (Cyndi Murray photo)

Visiting a vineyard doesn’t limit your purchases to just wine. That’s especially true at Martha Clara Vineyard in Riverhead. 

The tasting room has its own separate space for decorative towels, wine racks, and Entenmann’s scented candles. Yes, that Entenmann’s and, yes, the candles do smell like the cakes from the Long Island bakery retailer, which owns Martha Clara.

The candles have been a best seller at the winery since their introduction four years ago, staff said. They come in four varieties — pumpkin pie, butter pound cake, apple strudel and lemon pound cake.

Pick it up at 6025 Sound Avenue in Riverhead (map it)

Or buy online at Martha Clara’s website.