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Photo by Crios

Local singer-songwriter Jack Licitra founded the band, Jack’s Waterfall, in 1988. The musician has released six albums featuring pop, blues, jazz, folk and gospel.

Jack’s Waterfall has appeared at the B.B. King Blues Festival, Long Island Music Hall of Fame Awards, New Jersey Folk Festival and WFUV’s Under the Radar.

Whether Jack is performing solo or in his group, there’s always the presence of a unique energy and exclusiveness. His capacity for rhythmic musical compilations, virtuosic piano explorations, heartfelt songs and storytelling always comes together in each performance.

Jack’s Waterfall will perform at Live on the Vine’s Winterfest series this Saturday between 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. at Sherwood House in Jamesport.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about playing on the North Fork? Either on stage or just playing as in having fun in general?

Jack: I always feel peaceful on the North Fork. Every time I come out this way, I think of a life I could have living in such a beautiful setting. Leave it all behind and start over on the North Fork.

Q: Tell us about your first ever gig on (or visit to) the North Fork.

Jack: Polish Fest in Riverhead. I felt like I was jamming in the country somewhere.

It was a world away from Nassau County where I grew up.

Q: Are there any North Fork locations or attributes that inspire your music?

Jack: Everyone agrees the Modern Snack Bar is the muse for all North Fork musicians, but I am partial to Southold. Anything and everything Southold is cool. I may need to move there.

Q: What do you think about Winterfest expanding genres by changing from “Jazz on the Vine” to “Live on the Vine”?

Jack: This year is a new vintage. I like new things.

Q: Do you like winters on Long Island?

Jack: I would prefer Northern California or winter in L.A. Robert Bruey’s music makes

them bearable.

Q: Do you drink wine? If so, do you have a favorite North Fork wine (or vineyard)?

Jack: I have enjoyed all the wines on the North Fork. I would like to enjoy them all in one night sometime.

Q: What can people expect to hear at your shows?

Jack: No Musical Walls! Blues into classical into gospel into the mystical!

Q: How do North Fork audiences differ from other areas you play, whether up Island or the city or wherever?

Jack: They seem to listen to the music I like to play and have gone to the same musical well. We’re always a good match.

Q: What do you think the North Fork needs? Or what would you do if you were elected mayor (or supreme ruler) of the North Fork?

Jack: More food in the wineries.

Q: Is there anything about the North Fork that you dislike or would like to see improve?

Jack: Less traffic, but you can’t have everything – can you?