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Allison Williams films a scene of HBO’s ‘Girls’ outside Claudio’s in Greenport last June. (Claire Leaden Photo)

The perception people seem to have of the North Fork is that its far less fabulous than our opulent South Fork, where they believe people are hanging from the chandeliers at a party while the crowd is being sprayed with Cristal.  The truth is, that’s not really happening anywhere, but certainly not here, as portrayed in the latest episode of HBO’s “Girls.”

“I can’t believe we are in the Hamptons!” the character Shoshanna says as she gets off the bus at the beginning of the episode. Marnie replies, “Oh, this is the North Fork, not the Hamptons, it’s very different than the Hamptons. The North Fork is for people who think the Hamptons are tacky.”

And so it begins, with a few more identifiable references sprinkled in over the next 30 minutes.  But that exchange gave viewers across the country insight into some people’s perception of the two forks.

For me, the North Fork is a hidden treasure.  With its undiscovered, uncrowded beaches, incredible boating life, amazing farms, and food. Not to mention the sight of the vineyards in their lush full bounty, while being surrounded by two incredible bodies of water.

I never had a perception of the North Fork, I had a feeling about it.

I fell in love with it while on my drive back home to Manhattan after a surprise weekend trip to Shelter Island. This was on a Sunday no less, where I typically liked to be in my usual surroundings in the city, preparing for the upcoming week.

Shinn Vineyards
The North Fork’s many vineyards are just one of the beautiful things about this place. (northforker file photo)

There were some stops involving food and shops, and even a vineyard or two.  The vibe was undeniable.  I was chill, relaxed.

Those who know me, know that’s not necessarily my nature (insert smiley face here), so the mere fact that I was relaxed, knowing I still had a trip ahead of me and possibly some traffic in my future, was pretty astounding.

Three weeks later, I bought the second house I asked to see.  The rest is history.

One thing I need to mention is that I had been summering in the Hamptons for years and had to be at numerous work events and functions — so I know both forks.

Fast forward 14 years, the North Fork is getting tons of press, movies and shows have been shot here, novels have been written about it, and art has been created or inspired here.

The one certainty is, it will always have that vibe that I fell in love with. And every year that goes by, I fall a bit harder.