North Fork Burger Search: The first nine months

Best burgers on the North Fork of Long Island

When we launched nearly nine months ago, we began our North Fork Burger Search, posting an average of one burger per month. 

Our 10th burger was just tasted and will be posted on Monday. In the meantime, we figured we’d post a recap of all the tasty ones we’ve tried so far. We listed them in the order of shares they each received, so you can see which burger was the most popular.

What are some burgers you’d like to see us try in the coming months? Email us.


Eat Me, Drink Me Food Truck burger (128 shares)


Super Duper Burger, O’Mally’s (77 shares)


Grass-fed burger, Garden of Eve (73 shares)

Jamesport Burger

The Jamesport Burger, Jamesport Country Kitchen (62 shares)


Bison Burger, Tweed’s (41 shares)


Lamb Burger, Love Lane Kitchen (29 shares)


Alien Burger, O’Mally’s (22 shares)

Founders Burger

Founders Burger, Founders Tavern (4 shares)


Modern Snack Bar cheeseburger (1 share)

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