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Amy Hess making honey at her Westhampton farm. Courtesy of Amy Hess.

Starting this Saturday, the Riverhead Farmers’ Market will have a new vendor in Amy Hess, the owner of Amy’s Ark Studio and Farm in Westhampton — and she’s coming armed with fresh egg salad, hummus and honey. 

“I’m really excited,” said Ms. Hess, who has been selling food at the Westhampton Farmers’ Market for the past seven years. 

Ms. Hess, who owns a small farm where she also teaches children’s art classes, said she makes her egg salad using the eggs laid by her 50 chickens.

“The eggs go from the coop into the pot,” she said.

A Kentucky native, Ms. Hess will also sell hummus infused with herbs from her garden – including basil, cilantro and rosemary.

Fresh honey rounds out the offerings and is made courtesy of the four beehives Ms. Hess has on her farm.

“This time of year is so slow, especially for farmers’ markets,” she said of her eagerness to become at a vendor at the indoor Riverhead Farmers’ Market, which opened last weekend. “It’s innovative to have one in such a large space.”

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