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The Netflix series “House of Cards” made headlines Friday when President Barack Obama tweeted “No spoilers.” If you haven’t seen the first four episodes of the show’s second season, what follows is a bit of a spoiler. And if you’re a Long Island winemaker, it might spoil your day. 

At the 27-minute mark of the fourth episode of Season 2 of the political thriller, which began streaming Friday, the new House Whip is attempting to secure votes from a pair of holdout Democrats on a bill to raise the age of entitlement. A lobbyist suggests she attempt to secure their votes by offering to deliver approval of measures in their home districts.

She begins by bringing up the one Congressman’s desire to see a wastewater treatment plant constructed in his district.

She then suggests to the other Congressman, who is from Long Island, that she can help bring a winery museum to his district.

“We are making great wines on Long Island these days,” the Congressman says.

It was an exchange sure to make all Long Island winemakers proud, and it comes on the heels of another Netflix series, “Orange is the New Black,” filming in Riverhead. But it all took a turn for the worst.

“That’s awesome,” says the Whip, who is from California. “It tastes like piss compared to what we have in Napa. The sort of piss that belongs in Paul’s wastewater plant.”

Ouch! Not cool, “House of Cards.” Not cool.

See the brief scene for yourself  below: