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NETFLIX COURTESY PHOTO | Taylor Schilling, center, and castmates in a scene from season one of ‘Orange is the New Black.’

Apparently, “Orange is the New Black” can’t get enough of the Riverhead area.

The Netflix series, which we previously reported had been seeking “scary-looking” extras for scenes at the Riverside jail, will likely be filming in downtown Riverhead later this week.

According to Business Improvement District head Ray Pickersgill, as well as Deputy Town Attorney Jill Lewis, the production crew was fancied with the thought of filming at the Suffolk Theater for a scene after visiting the area.

Logistics are still being worked out detailing when exactly the shoot will take place, but Friday appears to be the day. It’s unclear which roads, if any, would be shut down, or for how long. Road closings would have to be approved at the Town Board meeting on Thursday.

“When they were doing the jail scenes, they were going to be taking the crew back to another theater in Nassau, but when the crew was out here they noticed the Suffolk Theater,” Ms. Lewis said. “So they figured, ‘Why go there, when this is already nearby?’”

Mr. Pickersgill said he was approached by a crew member recently while preparing for the Riverhead Farmers Market right across the street. He said he was asked to put some curtains in the windows for the shoot, though said he was placing signs promoting the farmers market instead — which was fine with the production crew, he said.

Reps with the production crew and the theater have yet to confirm the downtown shoot. Chief Michael Sharkey with the county jail said the show is slated to film there sometime this week, though he couldn’t confirm a day.

The series, which is set at a woman’s prison, is ordinarily filmed at the now-defunct Rockland Children’s Psych Center in Orangeburg, N.Y. And scenes from the episode being filmed on the North Fork will still be shot in Orangeburg, a person familiar with the premise of the episode told

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