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GRANT PARPAN PHOTO | The kielbasa breakfast burrito at Wendy’s Deli on Route 48 in Mattituck.

It’s always baffled me how difficult it is to find a breakfast burrito on the East End.

Even some places that serve them call them wraps, which forces them to lose some level of appeal for me. Burrito just sounds tastier.

At Wendy’s Deli on Route 48 in Mattituck, they value the importance of serving up more than just the working man’s egg sandwich. Wendy Zuhoski’s breakfast board includes omelettes and, yes, breakfast burritos.

Wendy’s has the standard Mexican breakfast burrito, the vegetarian option and even the more upscale chipotle sausage burrito (served with chipotle gouda cheese).

Our pick for today, though, is a breakfast burrito that pays homage to our roots as a Polish immigrant community: the kielbasa breakfast burrito.

Served in a plain, whole wheat or spinach wrap (there’s that word again!) it features kielbasa, eggs, potatoes and swiss cheese with mustard. Yes, mustard — a traditionally overlooked breakfast condiment.

Breakfast burritos at Wendy’s are $4.50. Enjoy!

Photo by Grant Parpan
Photo by Grant Parpan

Who: Wendy’s Deli

What: Breakfast burritos

Where: 55 Route 48, Mattituck

When: Now

Why: Because they’re delicious.

Plenty of breakfast options at Wendy's
Plenty of breakfast options at Wendy’s