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GRANT PARPAN PHOTO | Do not eat a chicken cutlet hero at Wayside Market if you plan on being productive later that day.

While discussing the best sandwiches on the North Fork this afternoon — yes, we do get paid for this job — my co-worker Cyndi Murray started convulsing while discussing the Wayside Market.  

Having not eaten there in a few years, I figured I’d join her on a ride out to the deli, which celebrated its 50th year in business in 2013. A Southold native and self-proclaimed expert on this particular eatery, I let Cyndi do the honors and order for me.

“Chicken cutlet hero,” she told the clerk behind the deli counter.

He looked down and said, “We’re almost out, you got the last of them,” as he walked away with a tray full of what looked like seven pounds of fried chicken cutlets.

He then broke out the hero bread, salt, pepper, mayo, lettuce and tomato. I asked him to add cheddar cheese and bacon (since bacon should be on everything).

Three minutes later, he handed me an 11-pound sandwich that almost knocked me to the floor.

At $12 it’s a little pricy, but it had so much chicken and bacon on it, I’m not even convinced they turned a profit on this particular transaction.

I ended up cutting the sandwich into quarters and sharing half of it with co-workers. Even still, I can barely move right now.

Well-played, Wayside. You are true masters of the sandwich game.